Physical Therapy

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I’m Laci, sharing a life experience of physical therapy.
As an athletic female in my mid twenties, I’m very active and keep in shape. My work allows me to travel a great deal, so having time for a steady relationship isn’t so easy. Most guys around my age feel insecure and feel the need to keep tabs on their female companions, which presents a small problem for me. Not to mention, I’m not even close to being ready to settle down or even think about marriage or kids at this point.

Like I said, I’m an athletic female in my mid twenties! I’m 5 foot, 6 inches tall with red hair and blue eyes. I’m also not pasty while like a lot of red’s. I prefer a tanner and tone body frame to represent my inner me. And yes, I have a high sex drive that I very much enjoy, especially with my traveling work schedule.
So, that said, let me get to the point of the story.

While traveling on business in the mid west, I had some down time and decided to do a little hiking, in a place I didn’t know, in a small town I didn’t know, you get the picture.

Anyway, slipped down an embankment and got a little skinned up but not too bad. The injury was my left thigh, got hyper extended and even stressed my calf and ankle.
There I was laying there, in pain and shock and a bit concerned that I may have done a little more damage than I thought and needed to get checked out.

After a quick visit to the ER and informing my work of my injury, that in no way impacted my work responsibilities. The ER doctor suggested a local physical therapist to oversee to my leg and make sure there wasn’t further damage not shown on X-ray.
So, I did as suggested.

The therapist, his name was Jake. He was a 6 foot 4 inch tall man in his early thirties and a strapping physical specimen to behold. He’s sporting a tone, tanned body frame with big hands and shoe size. Yep, you’re with me so far.

I got a tingle all over just at the sight of him. He made the little tiny hairs stand up all over my body, as if awaiting for his hands to graze them. I must admit, it’s super rare for me to have instant charged feelings like this. Especially from first sight and hasn’t even spoken or touched me yet.

Anyway, I was only in town for another day and needed to get this done and over with.
Jake greeted me and already knew of my injury, placed me in a patient room and lovely doctor smock. Not really! Laughing to myself. He came in the room a few minutes later once I was finally fully smocked up and exposed. He’s really soft spoken, which I didn’t expect, with a really deep voice that just penetrates your insides when he speaks. Geez! I need to get out of here!
Jake went right to work, touching all over my left leg, checking muscle and tendons and confirm my thoughts of a sprained muscle but not before doing something else very unexpected.
Finishing up the exam, slid his large left hand up my left thigh, slow at first, then quickly to my crotch area. The sudden shock left me somewhat paralyzed. I was excited just in his presence but now with his hands on me, I’m unsure of how to respond or interpret the situation. I mean, the room temperature went up a hundred degrease instantly and things were fuzzy, leaving me unable to focus sight.
He didn’t speak another word while continuing to roughly rub my tiny little heart pounding pussy over my thong material. My body was betraying me more by the second and leaving me frightened but more sexually excited than I’ve been my whole life.
Now my nipples are hard and throbbing and I can hardly catch my breath before he places his right hand over my mouth. I guess in case I might scream but I’m still paralyzed by the whole exchange that I could make peep if I wanted too. It’s like those dreams of being aware and afraid and no matter how hard you try, you can’t squeak out a single sound.

As the events unfold, he’s ripped off my thong and I’m dripping all over the table like I just peed but I didn’t. The smock is up around my neck with my left nipple in his mouth. Sucking, licking and biting as moist sounds fill the space in the room. Before I could collect myself mentally and physically he was on the table over me, stretching both my thighs back towards my chest. Then I caught a glimpse of him, he’s huge! The longest, thickest penis I’ve ever seen and it was beautiful. I mean beautiful! Giving in any other situation, I’d be super happy to partake such a fine tool. Right now, I should yelling, screaming at the top of my lungs while hacking and scratching my way free. I’ve never been taken like this before, so unexpectedly. The feeling of being powerless or dominated has my body giving a fatty fuck you! Saying, shut the fuck up! Shut your brain off, we got this! So, I did and went with.
My left leg was in pain from being stretched up to my breast but I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted him to keep doing what he was doing and do what he wanted to do to me, and right now!!!

With his left hand, holding both of my ankles above my head, straddling me, taking himself in his right hand and rubbing his fat purple head up and down between my swollen pussy lips, then taking his shaft and smacking himself hard several times against my clit. On my god!! I felt like I was going to pass out right there on the table. Jake finally entered me, it was the strangest and most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had. The forcefulness, the pressure of being completely stretched inside to fit his beautiful cock was so intense. He wasn’t gentle with a single stroke, pounding me like a hammer to a nail. I’m not sure but pretty sure that I squirted, not once but several times. I’ve never squirted with any past lovers and the feeling of massive pressure build up and release is so amazing. I did black out for a few seconds after first big release, he didn’t notice and I was able to recover pretty quick. In total, I had four massive releases, which is another new first for me. When he came inside me, I could feel everything. The swell of his whole shaft, his hot cum along with my last passing release of wetness was the most completely satisfying sexual experience of my life. He quickly and quietly left the room while i was displayed all over the table collecting myself, my thoughts and feelings of the experience. I’m trying to put this into words but words don’t really give it true justice in my opinion.
Maybe I was wrong to not report it, maybe he read my body language and the fact I didn’t try to stop him in anyway and the fact that really enjoyed what he did past any measurable comprehension was to blame.
Who knows, I do know that day changed my life and I learned something’s about myself and my body that I never knew before.

So, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the story. You may or may not have the same or similar experience, but try physical therapy... you never know!