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earth has been depleted of natural resources and mankind has sent out three vessels in order to survive, but two vessels couldn't break earths atmosphere due to the fast production of the vessels and a malfunctioning engine on both vessels (uss strive and uss explorer) 1000 plus lives lost. the Uss Dakota reached space and was passing an a field of asteroids when it was struck, hitting a storage bay containing food and supplies for the inhabitants of the vessel. rationing food and water started immediately. Hector Grant gave an idea of going back to the rocks and mining out the metal and ores to repair the damage but was denied. the ship with little resources decides to travel to the nearest planet they can inhabit and call home. unknowingly the closest star in the region had a massive solar flare that hit the ship and caused a blackout on board, with little time to set out plans, the commander ordered Hector and a few other engineers to repair the generators.