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(Verse 1)

1 Don't you think its difficult, To live a life so miserable
2 If you've never lived in it, Then dont come at me critical
3 I didn't choose this life, trust me I know its despicable
4 Trapped in my addiction, When i say trapped i mean it literal
5 These drugs are takin hostages, In groups of individuals
6 Held against our will, Gettin high like its a ritual
7 It seems we're feelin good, But the feeling ain't consinsual
8 Hit the pipe to feel okay, Not to feel invincible
9 Try so hard to step away, The efforts are invisible
10 Don't wanna be a criminal, But that's what we become
11 Not because we wanted to, It's hard to overcome
12 You'll never understand, Unless this is where you're from
13 None of us are proud of it, The life we live aint fun
14 Pray to god for mercy, But forgiveness never comes
15 Hoping for a brighter day, While smoke fills up our lungs
16 Tired of feeling helpless, So sit back enjoy numb

(Verse 2)

1 Misery loves company, A thirst thats never satisfied
2 Dope creates the misery, That goes with that big appetite
3 Eating all these kids alive, And changing their whole life
4 Just a bunch of kids, Addicted it aint right
5 They dont even notice, That the dangers out of sight
6 Tricked into addiction, Mind warped to make you blind